Pronounced: Met-raw-dull-iss (like metropolis)

The name of my doll city/my dolls’ city where they live. It’s a major, upscale “U.S.” city (although in an alternate “dream” universe) like Manhattan/New York. (Technically, it’s still under major construction (like we have half a building, lol) but “we” imagine that is not true!) BTW, my Bavatarbie, Ellie, lives at 16 695th St.* — it needs a zipcode! But I don’t want to copy/steal a real one and I’m not sure if I should add an extra digit or so, or what(?). *I might change her street name, now that her house is giving me the vibe she lives on the Gre’enwick line. I need to research how they name/number streets. :-) The 995 has some good meaning to me, though.

Metrodollis’ Suburbs:

Gre’enwick, Ridgefield, Scarsdale, Kristin Beach Metrodollis is the state capital of Aleut Island. Some businesses:
  • I don’t want to confuse you with future ideas, as there are no dioramas for businesses yet. I  moved this small list to an ideas file offline. ;-)