About this New Site

I will post photos, articles and blog entries about Barbie/dolls, DIY, etc. After growing up in my tiny parents’ house, then moving from apartment to not-right apartment, now at 30 and settling into our new place, I can finally set up space for my collection while I grow it (and their fashions) and nurture it! (and start ridding my Barbie Dream World of everything I hate from classic Barbies). So now I even decided to (slowly) make a dream house, businesses and other sets (in that Barbie Dream City: Metrodollis [pronounced like metropolis]) for displaying my dolls. I will publish photos and details about all of my customizing and creating/building as soon and as I can! Of course as I write this, we’re still in early stages of moving, and as the site publishes, I’m not sure if we’ll be far along yet!


I’m Elle (born Lauren Noelle M. but I never liked that name). I always loved playing with Barbies even most of through junior high, and later began collecting dolls again as a teen with one of my friends. I had to take a break for a long while from accumulating and displaying again (small bedroom but lots of stuff/moving/recession/moving/moving/hating apartment for a full lease term thanks to holiday theft that was just the start of our old neighborhood turning bad – oy!) but now I’m getting get more into the adult-enthusiast side of it than ever!